South Jersey's 1st

Raised $1,000 

Online raffle to be held… Total donation needs to be increased, as much more than $200 towards medical care is needed desperately by each of the five animal rescues supported by the fundraiser!!!  

Anyone not wanting to participate in the raffle may make a donation… ANY AMOUNT IS APPRECIATED!!!  


            I've Got the 'Scoop'!, LLC

Professional Pet Sitting in the Safety, 
Comfort, Cleanliness, Familiarity and 
Disease-Free Environment of your Home, Potentially Saving your Beloved Pet's Life from Harmful and Unnecessary Vaccinations!

Recommended by Veterinarians, Animal Rescues, Pet Parents, Pet Sitters and Various Pet Professionals

In May of 2013, I've Got the 'Scoop'!, LLC, proudly celebrated 
3 wonderful years of loving many furry friends... I'm looking forward to many, many more years with more furry friends !!!

 "She is an Animal Angel in our book!"
 says Marie Peck, of The fetch Foundation

Spending timewith feathered and furry friends 
  while ensuring they are well-cared for, happy,
  and enriched, absolutely brightens my life!!! 
   Simply viewing their photographs and sharing special,
        little moments together with my babies makes me smile...
   So I hope you enjoy my site, too!   You shall also find 
    many helpful resources and informative articles.   
       Click  to email: IveGotTheScoop@yahoo.com 
      My Son, Billy &
My Fiance' Dan, My Reptile man... modeling my tee-shirts


Click  and Together Let's 
Help Homeless Babies!!!

Donations to animal charities are made for every purchase or lump-sum donations are made on a regular basis by the following 

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